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 We install all types of solar geysers. Our flat plate collectors are guaranteed for 10 years. We install controllers on all our solar geysers and only long lasting pumps. The most popular solar geyser we install is the split system solar geyser with the modern flat plate collector installed flush on your roof and the geyser and pipework remain hidden in the ceiling. We also install thermosyphon solar geysers. 


Flat Plate 400x200Solar Geyser Retrofit

Use your existing geyser
Connect up a heat collector
Start saving straight away
Fits to any existing geyser
Solar energy is free and renewable

Solar Cape Solar Installers 2

Geyser 400x200Complete Geyser

Many sizes 150L, 200L, 250L, 300L
SABS 400kPa approved
Thermo fused porcelain enamelled for
Cylinder longevity and hygiene
Two extra water connections

Solar Cape Solar Installers 2

Our List of Services Include

Split System Geysers, Pumped Systems, 12V pump and PV panel Conversions, Thermosyphon geysers, Geyser Retrofits, Flat Plate Collectors, Evacuated Tube Collectors, Direct Systems, Indirect Systems, Solar Servicing, Anode Replacements, Geyserwise Installations, General Plumbing, Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Certificates of compliance. All Our Work Is Guaranteed. We Install Only SABS Approved Equipment. We Are PIRB Registered.



Guide to Solar Geysers

200 x 200 x 0017Solar Geysers Installations

The most popular solar geyser system that we install is the split system. In this installation the geyser ramains hidden in the roof, not on the roof. A modern looking collector is installed flat onto the roof. This method is popular because it does not have a big geyser and pipework visible on the roof.

The second method of installation is the thermosyphon system. With this method the geyser and collector are both installed on the roof, the geyser is installed just above the collector. No pump is required and heat transfers naturally due to the heat rising principle.

collectorGeyser sizing

The most popular size of electric geyser installed is undoubtedly a 150L electric geyser. Electric geysers are heated on demand so as soon as you start using hot water, the element starts to replace the lost heat. When installing a solar geyser, the geyser needs to store enough water to allow normal usage without having to heat itself up again until the sun is available the next day. This means that solar geysers need to be a little larger than an electric geyser. Ideal situation would be 150L for 1 - 2 persons, 200L for 3-4 persons. 300L solar geyser for 5 or more persons. But do not worry, if the geyser is a little smaller, a little more utility power will be needed to keep the water warm when it runs low. You will never have a cold bath.

sr868Converting an existing geyser to solar

Converting a standard electric geyser to solar is called a retrofit. Copper pipes are installed from the geyser inlet, through the collector via a pump and back into the geyser. Each time the water temperature in the collector is hotter than inside the geyser, the pump will circulate the water pushing the hot water from the collector into the geyser. The quality of the pump is important, as this is the only moving part in the system. 


200 x 200 x 0007What are the costs

The cost of the installation is related to the long list of installation materials required by the plumbing regulations. There are the major components such as geyser, solar collector, geyserwise / SR81 / SR868 controller, water pump, non return valves, drain valves, temperature/pressure valves, isolation valves and mixing valves. Then there is a long list of consumables such as piping, insulation, elbows and pieces etc. 


geyserwiseHow hot will the water get?

The water at your tap will always be the same temperature at 55 degrees as set by the mixing valve. A mixing valve takes the hot water from the geyser and cold water from the supply and mixes it with together to ensure that the temperature at your tap remains at 55 degrees or as set by the setting on the valve. This is done to protect the user from the unpredictable temperatures in the geyser.

The controller will limit the temperature inside your geyser to 70 degrees as the geyser is rated at 70 degrees. Once 70 degrees is reached, the geyser controller will stop pumping hot water fro the collector into the geyser. 


Installation normally takes one full day.



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