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With water restrictions set to continue for the foreseeable future. We recommend installation of a grey water system. Using grey water to water your plants is a great way to reuse water and your plants will benefit. We install all grey water systems. From basic above ground tanks and irrigation pumps to underground chemical tanks with submersible pumps.  

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What Is Grey Water

"Grey water" typically refers to all waste water in the household excluding sewer water. This includes showers water, bath water, basin water, washing machine water and dish washer water. Grey water is not clean water as it contains soaps and cleaning chemicals. Households should switch to eco-freindly soaps to be kinder to their plants. 

Grey Water Storage

Grey water storage is an important consideration when installing a grey water system. The grey water should not be stored for long periods. Because the grey water is not clean and contains soap scum and organic materials it can start to smell if stored for long periods of time. For this reason we install our grey water systems so that the grey water is either pumped out of the tank as soon as enough water level is reached for the submersible pump to operate or we install a timer that can be used to pump once a day for irrigation. A submersible pump with integrated level switch is the ideal option for grey water systems however we can install any pump type and size.

 Grey Water Pump

The pump used for your grey water system will be related to the task you wish to perform. If the only objective is to move the water out of the tank through a hose to the garden than even the smallest pump will work well. However for an irrigation system to work correctly, a suitable sized pump that is able to provide the correct pressure must be used. The most cost effective pump sizes due to popularity are 0.5 to 0.75kW pumps which are big enough for almost all home irrigation systems. Larger pumps and even smaller sized pumps are generally more expensive.

Grey Water Tanks

We install all tank sizes and shapes according to your requirement. We do suggest that for a long life a chemical underground tank works best. The reason for installing a proper underground grey water tank is that a tank that is built specifically for use underground does not get compressed over time by the weight of the soil above it. Also the soaps and cleaning chemicals that enter the underground chemical tank will not damage the grey water tank over time because it is chemically resistant.

Grey Water Tank Placement

The tanks need to be placed lower than the waste lines from the bathroom and kitchen. For this reason grey water tanks are mostly buried underground. However once complete, there is no tank in the way and the result is that no garden space is needed for the tank. We install the tank opening flush with the surface of the ground for easy access and maintenance. 

Grey Water And Irrigation Systems

Due to solid particles, soap scum and other contaminants in the grey water, it is advisable to install a basic filter before the grey water pump. This will prevent any particles getting lodged in the irrigation pop-ups and mist sprayers. A filter will also keep your pump running longer.

Rain Water Tanks

We install rain water tanks up to any size, shape and colour. When we install the tanks we modify the gutter fall angles if required to get the water to flow to the tank. Leaf catchers can be installed if trees are shedding leaves into the gutters. Rain water can safely be used for your garden, for your pool and can also be used to flush your toilets. 

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We can supply, deliver and install your grey water system. Our prices are competitive as we have agreements with all the major tank manufacturers. Our company has PIRB registered plumbers if a COC is required. Call us for a quote.


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