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   Welcome to our web site. We are professional solar installers. Our solar company provides you with a combination of certified plumbing and electrical services to ensure hassle free installations of any electrical and plumbing solar systems. From complete new installations to service and repairs of PV solar systems, solar geysers, heat pumps and all energy and water systems. We would like to quote on your project. We can assist you with a small job or build your entire house / commercial from the ground up. Just give us a call and we will advise you on all the latest trends and cost saving idea's.

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Off grid solar
Grid Tie solar
Hybrid solar
Backup solar

Solar Geyser - CopyGeyser

Retrofit geyser
Split solar geyser

4-02 - CopyHeat-Pump

Pool Heat Pump
Geyser Heat Pump
Factory Heating
CIP Heating

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Solar Panels 250 x 250

Solar PV Systems

Protect Against Rising Energy Costs. 
Reduce Your Dependency On The Utility. 
Beat Load Shedding

By installing a PV solar system you are protecting yourself from future rising energy costs. We install all types of PV solar systems including residential and commercial, big and small.

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Heat Pump 250 x 250Heat Pumps

4 X More Heat From Your Electricity
Precise Control Of Temperature
Reliable Heat Generation Even In Cold Weather

Heat Pumps use only 25% of the energy that an element would use to heat water. We install geyser heat pumps, spa heat pumps and pool heat pumps.

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Geyser 250x250Solar Geysers

Use Free Energy To Heat Your Water
Save Money On Your Electricity Account
Quick Payback Period Of 3 Years

We install all types of solar geysers including split system solar geyser, thermosyphon solar geysers, low and high pressure solar geysers, evacuated tube solar geysers and flat plate solar geysers. Our flat plate collectors are guaranteed for 10 years.

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 JoJo Tanks 250x250Rain Water Collection

Simple and easy to maintain
Reduce your water bills
Plants love rain water

We will install your rainwater collection systems including all the accessories such as leaf catchers, rainwater strainers and rainwater filters. We also install pumps and controllers to complete your system. 

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jojo Tanks 3 Grey Water Systems

Chemical Resistant Tanks
Intelligent Pumps Detect Water and Pump Immediately
Filters For Increased Pump Life
We Install Plumbing and Irrigation

Grey water systems should be installed in such a way that the water does not accumulate in the tank for long periods. We install a submersible pump with integrated level switch which will empty your grey water tank as fast as it fills, keeping you garden watered

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Popular Brands Include

Renesola solar panels, Econess solar panels, Aquasol solar panels, Enersol solar panels, Thin film solar panels, Axpert inverter, PIP Inverter, Solar Edge inverter, Microcare inverter, Advanced Energy inverter, Schletter mounting, Solar Batteries, Lead Acid batteries, VARTA batteries,  Powerwall, JoJo Tanks

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